December 16, 2009

Origami in Barcelona · exhibition project

La Capella dels Angels · Barcelona

The exhibition wants to get the visitor inside the world of Origami through the magic, the innocence and the simplicity of animal shapes.

An immersion into animal world from different perspectives, the sea –fish-, the air –bird- and the earth –frog-.

December 10, 2009

from the ordinary to the extraordinary

takes only some small gestures to make a difference

December 6, 2009



what we are
a young ephemeral architecture studio with the heart in Barcelona and the body in Berlin

what we do
meet again and discover emotions through scenography, show windows and ephemeral architecture in general

what we look for
courageous people wanting to express their ideas and identity without fear, that are looking for creatives to build emotions

how to
finding the authentic and melting with the creative

something to say



cuts the air as you live

and leaves behind the interior texture,

to the point of not remembering you used to dream in it.

to claim the right to dream,

to have no fear,

to rediscover our dreams and make them

our own reality.

text by visualhunger