March 27, 2010

potipoti und

spring/summer collection 2010 by potipoti in

March 26, 2010

spring time in potipoti Shop!

warm weather, fresh air, breeze, terrace, no timetable, all is allowed, smiling without a reason.

When someone looks into the air, in Summer, temporary blind because of the sun, just small figures moving, in changing colours, transparents.
The Spring has finally shown up!

Transport the feeling of Summer, the ray of light and all its shades. Returning with an image the sensation of summer ereased of our minds by the white Winter.
Projecting ourselves in a terrace, in the sun, seeing people go and back, short pants, shirts without slaves, sunglasses... feeling the lightness in body and mind.

spring/summer 2010 collection by potipoti Shop

March 22, 2010

making of: potipoti show-window

potipoti Shop Berlin design by visualhunger

March 1, 2010

new show-window at potipoti Shop coming soon!

we are working on the show-window of the next potipoti collection Spring/Summer 2010

visualhunger moves to Berlin!

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