January 11, 2010

Making of xmas show-window at potipoti Shop

potipoti Shop Berlin design by visualhunger

Geometric shapes and the game have been our leit motiv for this Christmas show-window for the new potipoti winter collection 2009/2010.

Trying to communicate the identity and character of potipoti we have put some card boxes of two sizes into a pile and others hanging randomly to bring the opportunity of show pieces of the collection and complements in different positions and different highs. The show-window is opened to the exterior and the interior due to the irregularity of the order of the boxes is thought for a double purpose: from the street as a show-window, and in the shop as another stand display.
The graphic touch shows, with humor-sense, many personalities that could be yourself, myself, or anybody that dare to wear some potipoti clothes.

We have enjoyed the experience a lot and we hope to repeat!

Many thanks to Nando, Silvia and Dani!